About Us

Code of Conduct

Confidentiality a. Maintain the confidentiality of information obtained from the results of professional and business relationships b. Obtaining permission from clients to obtain and process information c. Describe the limitations surrounding the opinions given when communicating with clients Professional Behavior a. Complying with applicable laws and regulations and avoiding any …

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Company History

A. KAP KKSP Armed with the experience of Drs. Sugeng Pamudji for several years, he founded individual KAP using his own name for the first time on June 26, 1985, based in Semarang. One of the employees named Dr. Kumalahadi, M.Si, Ak, CA, CPA. built his own KAP using his …

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Until 2025, it will become an insurance and non-insurance service provider office that is the partner of choice for clients overseas and becomes the reference for other public accounting firms.

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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission : Vision:making KAP KKSP and Partners as a professional service organization for middle and upper class businesses that are recognized nationally and internationally, supported by highly loyal staff. Mission: providing assurance and nonassurance financial services based on multi-discipline oriented to provide value for clients.

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About The Company

From the experience of the central KAP KKSP for more than 40 years, it has led the company to develop and grow. Various situations and conditions we have been through have proven the ability and quality of our public accounting firm which has been recognized by certifications and letters from …

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