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Code of Conduct

  1. Confidentiality
    a. Maintain the confidentiality of information obtained from the results of professional and business
    b. Obtaining permission from clients to obtain and process information
    c. Describe the limitations surrounding the opinions given when communicating with clients
  2. Professional Behavior
    a. Complying with applicable laws and regulations and avoiding any behavior known to the Member may
    discredit the Member’s profession
    b. The main factors to watch out for:

    • Reputation and expertise
    • Availability of resources
    • Professional standards and ethical standards applied
  3. Integrity
    a. Be straightforward and honest in all professional and business relationships
  4. Objectivity
    a. Do not compromise professional or business judgment because of bias, conflict of interest or undue influence
    from others
    b. Members carry out professional activities related to certain issues for two or more parties who have conflicting interests related to these problems
    c. The interests of a member are related to a particular problem and the interests of parties who use
    professional activities related to these problems are in a conflicting situation
  5. Professional competence and prudence
    a. Achieve and maintain professional knowledge and expertise at required levels
    b. Act in accordance with professional standards and technical standards in force

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