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Company History


Armed with the experience of Drs. Sugeng Pamudji for several years, he founded individual KAP using his own name for the first time on June 26, 1985, based in Semarang. One of the employees named Dr. Kumalahadi, M.Si, Ak, CA, CPA. built his own KAP using his own name and based in Yogyakarta which later joined KAP Drs. Sugeng Pamudji in 2015. This is where the name changed to KAP Kumalahadi and Sugeng Pamudji. In the same year, KAP Kuncara which was owned by M. Kuncara Budi Santosa, SE, AK, MM, CA, CPA, BKP also joined which led to a name change again to KAP Kumalahadi, Kuncara, Sugeng Pamudji dan Rekan or shortened to KAP KKSP and Colleague. In 2018, to reach more clients, KAP KKSP and Partners opened a branch in Bandung, led by Nieke Yunianti, SE, Ak, CA, CPA. and have the same vision, mission, internal training and quality of work in each KAP KKSP and Partners. The following year was followed by the construction of branches in Solo City and 2020 in Bekasi City.

B. KAP KKSP Cabang Bandung

KAP KKSP Bandung branch was established under the leadership of Nieke Yunianti, SE., Ak., CA., CPA., Asean CPA who has 11 years of experience from junior to audit managers and team leaders in other public accounting firms with various types of clients. Until finally in 2018 he joined the KKSP public accounting firm and took all licensing licenses. Licensing letters from the Financial Professional Development Center (PPPK), the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK), the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the Directorate General of Taxes (DJP) Bank Indonesia (BI), to the Indonesian Public Tax Consultants Association (AKP2I) and the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI). All licensing licenses have been fulfilled to prove the credibility of KAP KKSP located at the Bandung branch to provide the same services as KAP KKSP located at the center. Currently, the Bandung Branch Manager is also pursuing a Masters in Accounting at Maranatha Christian University, Bandung.

Various activities were also carried out to improve and maintain good relations withoutside parties from the Bandung branch of KAP KKSP. Staff admissions, internships, MOU with various Universities and Polytechnics, and also a guest speaker at several universities in Bandung. Topics that have been presented are “motivation of prospective students to choose accounting majors in terms of practitioners”, “The Indonesian Accounting Standards for Non Publicy – Accountable Entities in Indonesia (SAK ETAP)”, “Career paths in public accounting firms” and a lot of sharing from the public accountant side.

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