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Tax Services

Tax Services

Tax Services

As one of the leading tax practices in Indonesia, our team includes tax professionals. Our professionals have diverse backgrounds, including accounting, legal and finance. We have dedicated teams which serve specific industries or provide legal services, international assignment services or assists with customs duties. Our tax practice includes staff dedicated to thought leadership as well as tax controversy specialists that have previously worked as Indonesian tax officers and tax judges.

As a stakeholder in Indonesia, we want to build trust in society and play our part in the country’s development. Tax laws are subject to continuous change and in this dynamic landscape we engage in discussions with government and with the broader community to successfully achieve tax reform.

How KAP KKSP Bandung can help you ?
Our tax practice is able to make a difference because we leverage our international network and we service many leading clients operating in a wide range of industries as well as successfully support clients on complicated transactions. Our combined experience enables us to understand your business and work with you to develop solutions tailored to your needs and support you through the processes of execution.

Our Clients
Our clients include multinational companies, Indonesian public companies, as well as Indonesian conglomerates.

We will assist the various of corporations in fulfilling their tax obligations and fully understand about industries and regulation to deliver tax advisor.

In this globalization, the employees are becomes more mobile. Our employees will assist each individuals with personal tax planning.

Tax planning can be very challenging, tax planning can provide significan benefits and values for your overall financial outlook.




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