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Our Affiliate

              IPG (International Practice Group) is a foreign audit organization that facilitates the effective collaboration of public accounting firms around the world, including the provision of tax services for its clients to carry out international business in an effective and efficient manner with the highest professional standards. IPG is a nonprofit association and its members include public accounting firms, legal consultants, tax consultants and other professionals who are all dedicated to serving the needs of their international clients. As a non-exclusive multinational association, currently IPG has more than 110 member companies in 46 countries and incorporates more than 2,500 professionals worldwide. KAP KKSP has officially become a member of IPG since 26 October 2016.


              KAP KKSP Together with 7 other KAPs have also established the Indonesian Audit Organization (OAI) under thename “Global Assurance Networks” (GAN) on February 2, 2016. GAN aims to establish synergy, knowledge, marketing and improve the quality of human resources and SPM among its members, so that In order to compete at the national, regional and global levels in welcoming the Asean Economic Community (MEA), OAI GAN has tried to improve the quality of work of its members through training and collaborating with PUM Netherlands to improve the quality of KAP staff members of GAN. Furthermore, OAI GAN is also a network for services to companies that are clients of OAI GAN member KAP-KAPs.

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